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ECO-club organised an eco-friendly Holi celebration programme in GPS. Students collected flowers before one month for making natural colours under the guidance of principal Mrs. Eera Sharma and Mrs. Varsha Bhandarkar. Students made natural colours from flowers and made packets of natural colours. They distributed packets of natural colours to the teachers.
Principal Mrs. Eera Sharma emphasised on her aim which was general awareness among the students about the various harmful effects on human body of holi celebrations and encouraged students to celebrate an eco-friendly holi. She focused on the harmful chemical colours. Especially she appealed that if we keep an eco-friendly and herbal colours, we can keep environment safe. On this occasion Mrs. Varsha Bhandarkar & Mr. Avinash Gondhule showed different process of how to make natural colours and promoted students to verify the ingredients of the chemical colours and ensured students to know enough about the source of natural colours. This celebration concluded by offering Tilak to principal mam as well as students offered tilak to each other. President Prof. Arjun Budhe and Secretary Dr. Indira Sapate appreciated & wished students and staff on this occasion. All the teaching and non-teaching worked hard for the success of this celebration.


  • Gondia Public School, Gondia
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